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A photographer
with a passion for wildlife
Owl in flight

falcon eating rat

"Once when hiking, wondering if there was a hobby that my wife and I could do together, I came upon a group of people looking at birds with spotting scopes and binoculars. I thought to myself: imagine  photographing such great moments!

"I started researching on the Internet the best setup and what it would take to be able to photograph birds in the wild. I bought a camera and a couple of long lenses. I never looked back."

“We live in a large city, next to a small marsh and nature reserve, and we ended up seeing a world that we never knew existed.

"We came to realize just how small a habitat these fragile little creatures have."

heron profile
heron lunging "The more photos I take, and the more I share them with friends and coworkers, the more I am making others aware of the beauty around them.

"And I want them to understand the importance of sustainability.”

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